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Inches Nursery provides professional commercial landscaping services to clients all across Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With over 50 years of solid experience handling similar projects in the Tristate area, we’ve established ourselves as the company to go to for commercial establishment owners who wish to make their property stand out from the competition.

Commercial Landscaping: A Highly Specialized Job

Commercial Landscaping While residential landscaping may be an easy job and can be handled occasionally in a DIY fashion, commercial landscaping is a different story since it usually involves difficult technical tasks. This is true with big projects requiring large manpower, specialized equipment and tools, and proper planning. In such case, trusting on professionals like us with proper skills and training is the wiser choice.

When it comes to designs for commercial properties, we consider the type of your business, your corporate image, and your design requirements. Accordingly, we incorporate such factors in the design that we create to truly represent you and your business. We likewise follow a proven installation method that allows us to work fast but with precision. This will let you enjoy the benefits of our landscaping creations the soonest possible time.

Recommended Landscape Elements

For a truly one of a kind commercial landscape, we recommend specific elements to clients, including:

  • Water features. Feng shui experts suggest having flowing water features for business establishments as a way of inviting luck to come in. But feng shui and luck aside, water features are proven to create a relaxing ambience in restaurants, hotels, and other commercial areas, which makes them a great addition. We can install waterfalls, koi ponds, mini pools, and other water features that you need.

  • Greenery. Decorative plants, shrubs, and other greenery not only make a commercial property attractive and relaxing, but also act as natural air conditioners. If your property has an outdoor area with amenities for clients, plants and trees will provide the needed shade that will surely be appreciated by your guests.

  • Outdoor amenities. We can create various spaces that you need to make your establishment relaxing and more functional. Among the outdoor amenities that we can build include lounges, waiting areas, play areas, al fresco dining sets, and many more. The specific amenities basically depend on the type of your business. If you have specific requests, just let us know and we’ll gladly accommodate them.

Commercial Landscaping by Professionals

Commercial Landscaping Upgrading your business’ landscape is no small undertaking. It requires time, effort, and a considerable financial investment. This is why if you’re planning to hire a company for your commercial landscaping needs, you need to only trust in professionals with extensive experience.

We at Inches Nursery have with us over five decades of relevant industry experience. As a family owned corporation, we take pride in our ability to create landscape amenities with exceptional beauty, durability, and functionality. We have a dedicated staff of 30 skilled people who are always willing to serve our commercial clients in the Tristate area. We are confident in the quality of our work and we guarantee them to give our clients peace of mind.

For a truly one of a kind commercial landscape, contact Inches Nursery. We will provide the commercial landscaping services that you deserve at a price that you can afford. Call us today.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in PA:
  • Sewickley, PA
  • Moon, PA
  • Ross Township, PA
  • Robinson Township, PA
  • Clinton, PA
  • McCandless Township, PA
  • Ambridge, PA
  • Wexford, PA
  • Aliquippa, PA