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Having a well-built landscape does not stop with its completion. In order to continue enjoying your backyard at its most beautiful state, landscape maintenance is required. However, not all property owners have the time or energy to clean and maintain their outdoors by themselves. They need someone who can do the maintenance tasks with skill and expertise.

Landscape Maintenance If you are in the Pennsylvania area, better leave these jobs to Inches Nursery. We provide professional landscape maintenance services at an affordable cost but with excellent results. With us, you can be assured of stunning outdoors all year round.

Expert Landscape Maintenance Services

At Inches Nursery, we ensure that all areas of the landscape are taken into consideration when performing different landscape maintenance tasks. Aside from preserving the visual appeal of your landscape, any undetected problem can also be fixed before it gets worse. Issues with irrigation or tree disease, for example, require an expert eye for it to be determined.

All of these can be addressed immediately because we have expert horticulturists who have the skill and knowledge to handle such problems. Any issue involving your pavements, decks, or other hardscape features can be easily dealt with by our paver experts and landscapers, especially if it requires the use of any special equipment or cleaning chemicals.

Landscape Maintenance Services We Offer

Landscape Maintenance There are different landscape maintenance services that Inches Nursery can provide for our Tristate clients. Here are some of them:

  • Mowing. We can mow all turf areas, especially during the growing season, as well as trim any areas that need trimming.

  • Mulching. After mowing, we can transform the waste materials into mulches and apply them on top of your turf or in other areas of the garden to bring the nutrients back into the soil. We can also provide ready-made mulches regardless of the volume needed.

  • Pruning. Trees and shrubs can grow to proportions that could be unattractive or even dangerous. We offer pruning services to prevent such problems.

  • Fertilization. To ensure that your plants are healthy, we recommend regular fertilization. You can choose from organic and synthetic fertilizers for your plants, turf, and trees.

  • Weed and pest control. We can apply organic or inorganic chemicals to keep insects from damaging your plants. Herbicides can be used for severe weed problems.

  • Paver cleaning and sealing. If you find cracks, molds, or any type of damage on your driveway, walkways, decks, or patios, we can clean them for you and seal any gaps to bring back the original beauty.

  • Leaf removal. In seasons when leaves fall more heavily than usual, we can remove the leaves from your lawn and dispose them properly.

Beautiful Landscapes Begin with Us

Inches Nursery provides complete and meticulous landscape maintenance services for residential and commercial property owners in Pennsylvania. Over the years, we have developed techniques and methods that work specifically for the type of weather, plants, and soil in the Tri-state Area. We have maintained our office at Moon Township, PA since 1964 for utmost accessibility for our clients. The beauty and health of your landscape begins with us, so visit us or call us today!

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and surrounding areas in PA:
  • Sewickley, PA
  • Moon, PA
  • Ross Township, PA
  • Robinson Township, PA
  • Clinton, PA
  • McCandless Township, PA
  • Ambridge, PA
  • Wexford, PA
  • Aliquippa, PA