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Lawn Irrigation Having plants around the landscape carries with it the responsibility to care for them. Besides sufficient sunshine, they also need enough water. But watering them manually is tiring. So thanks to irrigation systems, doing that automatically, on schedule, and properly is possible. However, before you install any lawn irrigation for your Pennsylvania property, it is important to choose the right system first.

Sprinkler for Lawn Irrigation

Generally, irrigation can be classified into surface, localized, drip, center pivot, lateral, manual, and sprinkler. And for lawn irrigation, the most commonly used is sprinkler irrigation.

You sure are familiar with the sprit-and-spray system since it’s quite the norm everywhere. It’s also worth noting that sprinklers can be found in industrial, agricultural, and residential types. But let’s just focus on residential sprinklers.

The fixed sprinkler type is the perfect choice for small areas. It is fast, precise, can water even the hard-to-reach areas, and very economical. But it is not the good choice for medium areas. For these, limit your choices only among oscillating and rotating sprinklers. Both of these types distribute water quickly and evenly. The watering is very gentle also and dependable even on an odd patterned lawn. Traveling sprinkler is also good for odd-shaped areas. These three are also good choices for large areas, but not as good as the impact sprinkler. Impact sprinkler is wind-resistant, with adjustable pattern and clog-resistant features.

There are more types of sprinklers in the market. Your perfect lawn irrigation will highly depend on the kind of grasses you have, how much water they need, and the size and shape of the area. Rest assured that whatever we recommend is the best both for the lawn and your convenience. We have sprinklers with automatic timer, flow timer, and automatic shutoff valve.

The Perfect Sprinkler

Lawn Irrigation We mentioned that there are plenty of sprinklers in the market. The varied choices can be confusing for a novice landscape provider to recommend the best type for you. A wrong choice could lead to problems that could be very hard, if not impossible, to resolve.

You surely don’t want your lawn to suffer too much watering that does not even go to the roots. You don’t even want an imperfect irrigation system that worsens, rather than improves, sandy, clay, or loam soil. Most importantly, you don’t want a sprinkler that waters too much during rainy season and too little during dry season. What is the sense of spending for a system that kills your plants instead of helping them grow beautifully and healthy?

What you need is a perfect sprinkler for lawn irrigation. It is perfect in a sense that it does a great job even without you meddling with the system, besides the usual turning on and off and a few easy adjustments on a simple touch of a button. That’s exactly what you will be getting with Inches Nursery.

Expert Irrigation Installation Service

Our family-owned business specializes on plant selections. We grow our own trees, shrubs, and flowers and we’re excellent at working with other features that will make these stunning greens even lovelier. That’s why we only design and install lawn irrigation in a way that’s great for you and your plants. Call us today for your irrigation needs.

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