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Inches Nursery provides professional commercial landscaping services to clients all across Western Pennsylvania, South Eastern Ohio, and the Northern part of West Virginia. With over 50 years of solid experience handling multiple projects in the Tristate area, we’ve established ourselves as the company to go to for commercial general contractors & high-end residential homeowners alike, who wish to make their property stand out from the competition.

A Highly Specialized Job


While residential landscaping may be an easy job and can be handled occasionally in a DIY fashion, commercial landscaping is a totally different situation, since it usually involves difficult technical tasks. This is true on most large-scale projects, as they require more skilled manpower, specialized equipment, and proper planning. In such cases, trusting professionals like INCHES NURSERY, is the wiser choice.

When it comes to designs for commercial properties, we consider what type of space you are trying to create. Whether you want a more open concept to the property to boldly display your Corporate Image, or possibly want to conceal certain aspects of the building’s activities.  Each client has unique design requirements, which we strive to incorporate into a strong “first impression” for those visiting your facility. Accordingly, we incorporate such factors into the overall design to truly create a look to represent you and your business. We likewise follow a proven installation method that allows us to work fast but with precision. This will let you enjoy the benefits of your landscaping in the quickest time possible.

Upgrading your business’ landscape is no small undertaking. It requires time, effort, and a considerable financial investment. This is why if you’re planning to hire a company for your commercial landscaping needs, you need to only trust in professionals with extensive experience.

We at Inches Nursery have with us over five decades of relevant industry experience. As a family-owned corporation, we take pride in our ability to create landscape amenities with exceptional beauty, durability, and functionality. We have a dedicated staff of 30 skilled people who are always willing to serve our commercial clients in the Tristate area. We are confident in the quality of our work and we guarantee them to give our clients peace of mind.

For a truly one-of-a-kind commercial landscape, contact Inches Nursery. We will provide the commercial landscaping services that you deserve at a price that you can afford. Call us today.

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