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Commercial Landscape Services In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Serving The Tri-State Area With Over 50 Years Of Commercial Landscape Experience

We specialize in providing commercial landscaping services throughout Western Pennsylvania, South Eastern Ohio, and the Northern part of West Virginia. Our team has over 50 years of experience, making us the go-to company for commercial general contractors and companies who want their properties to stand out.

Erosion Control Service using a Silt Sock


Prevent Soil Erosion And Sediment Runoff

Erosion control is crucial for preserving the integrity of your landscaping and preventing soil from being washed away. Silt socks are designed to filter sediment and control runoff. These tubes are filled with a blend of materials that allow water to pass through while trapping sediment and pollutants. Silt socks are an eco-friendly solution for erosion control in landscaping projects of all sizes.

Erosion Control


Establish Vegetation On Large Landscape Areas

Hydroseeding is a quick and cost-effective method to establish lush vegetation over large areas of land. It involves spraying a mixture of seed, fertilizer, and water onto the ground, creating an even layer. Hydroseeding is perfect for lawns, golf courses, parks, and commercial properties, providing an environmentally friendly solution to establish greenery.

Man hydroseeding a commercial landscaping job
Two workers using a mulch blower to fill a mulch bed


Create An Even And Uniform Layer Of Mulch

Mulch blowing is the perfect solution for adding mulch to your landscaping beds quickly and efficiently. Specialized machines are used to blow mulch onto your landscape beds, ensuring an even and uniform layer that enhances the visual appeal of your landscape. Our process helps to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, while reducing the impact of manual labor on your property.

Mulch Blowing


Prevent Water Pooling On Your Property

Permeable pavers allow water to flow through them, reducing runoff, erosion, and they help prevent water from pooling on your property. Whether you're looking to create a patio, walkway, or driveway. We offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from, ensuring that your permeable pavers will complement the existing look and feel of your landscape.

Permeable Pavers used on a balcony
Permeable Pavers
Versa-Lok retaining wall beside a driveway


Install A Beautiful And Functional Wall

Our Versa-Lok retaining walls can be built to virtually any height and comes in a range of colors to match your landscaping needs. Not only do these walls look great, but they are also functional and serve a purpose. They are designed to hold back soil and prevent erosion, making them ideal for sloped areas or landscapes with significant grade changes.

Retaining Walls


Enjoy The Benefits And Beauty Of Green Roofs

Incorporate natural beauty and environmental sustainability into your property. Green roofs offer a range of benefits, including improved energy efficiency, reduced air pollution, and increased biodiversity. From selecting the right plants to optimizing drainage and irrigation systems, we pay attention to every detail to ensure that your green roof thrives.

Commercial green roof
Green Roofs
Inches Nursery Garden Center

Contact Us To Talk About Your Next Landscape Project

Whether you need a new retaining wall, a green roof, or any other landscaping service, our team at Inches Nursery is here to help. Contact us today and let us help you create a beautiful and functional landscape.

I Admire The Constant Community Support

"The Garden Center staff is very helpful & knowledgeable. Inches has a beautiful & vast assortment of plants to choose from and the premium soil/mushroom mix is the BEST! I was able to load up the back of my truck for a great price!"

- Candice M.

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