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Upcoming Events At Inches Nursery Garden Center

From local artists to plant sales to seasonal events, we have a range of exciting events all year that you won’t want to miss!

Artist of the Month Showcase at Inches Nursery Garden Center

Showcase Your Art At Inches Nursery!

We're looking for local artists who would like to showcase their art at the Garden Center this year! It's free to showcase your work, each artist has a one-month spot where you get to set up your own space and sell your work.


Contact Sharon at 724-457-7236 if you're interested! We would love to support more local artists!

Watercolored paintings; one of a fox and one of lemons with text that reads "Sending you a big squeeze."
Oil painting of a lake, trees, and mountain
Wood Carve and Laser Engraved 412 art piece

Previous Events At Inches

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